EXACT PLUS Special Versions

All of the following modules are built on the backbone of our EXACT PLUS accounting system. Recognised widely (total of 328 seats) as one of the most powerful and cost effective integrated accounts package available, EXACT ACCOUNTS has been installed at some of our customers for over 20 years.
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ALCHEMIST is a fully integrated manufacturing package for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, toiletries, health product manufacturers and any other industries using formula-based manufacturing processes.
Currently installed at over 112 seats, you may contact any of our customers to find out what an excellent piece of software this is!
ALCHEMIST may also be combined with our BATCH TRACING module and is fully HACCIP compliant with additional features for ISO accreditation.

See the Alchemist page for more details

Point of Sale (POS)
The Exact Point of Sale module may be added to any version or special version of EXACT PLUS.
Point of Sale allows for rapid processing of customers whilst providing such refinements as allowing for the type of payment made (cash, credit card, cheque or account), offering the correct change if the cash amount offered is entered and then providing a detailed cash-up mechanism that may be performed at the end of the day's trading or when operators change shift.
Cash tills may be operated by the system, barcode scanners may be used and all types of receipt or invoices may be printed on equipment best suited to your business.

Fabric Sales
The Fabric Sales add-on to the EXACT PLUS Accounting Package handles roll-based stock. This enables the handling of end of rolls and optimises your stock control.

Garment Manufacturer
This is a fully integrated Garment Manufacturers Accounting Package used by internationally recognised Second Skins®, manufacturers of Speedo™ swimwear, that includes all of the facilities of EXACT PLUS, as well as:

  • Orders
  • Cutting Sheets
  • A Special Stock module with different garment sizes
  • Costing, etc.

Contact Tracker
Manage your customers, sales and your sales representatives with this add-on.
CONTACT TRACKER integrates fully with EXACT PLUS , keeping track of all sales and service calls.
Produces call schedules, sales histories, overdue calls reports and follow-up reports for sales representatives.
Contact Manager can help increase your sales by tracking "cold calls"and when used in conjunction with EXACT PLUS's commission payment facility, can show a salesperson how much commission was made on new business.

Project Costing
With EXACT PROJECTS you can allocate costs and income to projects as they progress, or when they are complete so that you can see how the projects are progressing, when it is time to receive partial payments and how much profit you are making.
You may also use PROJECTS to build up a quotation.
When used for "cost plus" projects a markup factor may be associated with purchases to automatically calculate billing prices.

Property Management
This is a suite of two special debtors modules that allow for all of the entries required by property administrators. The modules may be installed individually.

SECTIONAL TITLE automatically handles levies, rates and meter readings. Levies may be manipulated globally so that only one or two figures need to be altered when changes occur. The programme will then automatically recalculate and allocate the individual levies.

RENTALS controls trust accounts, regular debits, payments on behalf of the property and VAT implications of all transactions. Commission is automatically allocated to the agent's account. A statement may be issued to the property owner giving details of all transactions.

Other Special Programmes are available for handling the following:

  • Consignment Stock
  • Fabric Orders
  • Fabric Sales
  • Factoring (Produces all reports required for finance house)
  • Garment Sales (Sizes, Styles and Colours handled in integrated stock)
  • Medical Debtors (Medical Aid Codes imported and applied to invoices)
  • Perishable Goods Sales (Butcheries, Fresh produce suppliers, etc.)
  • Post-dated Cheques
  • Regular Debits and Invoices
  • Sample Tracking

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