TECHNISOFT is a specialist business computer software company with over 20 years experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, cosmetic, toiletries and food manufacturing industries in South Africa and overseas.
Our software is fully integrated with all business functions and gives our numerous clients in these fields advantages over their competitors in the following areas.
Our clientele for ALCHEMIST includes companies manufacturing product for Clicks (cleaners and detergents), BP (degreasers), Edgars (toiletries and cosmetics) and we will supply contact details for references if required.

Production forecasting
Production schedules
Material requirements planning and purchasing
Batch processing and optimisation for manufacturing equipment
Batch sheets with user-selectable encryption for formulation security
Manufacturing instructions and HACCIP compliance
ISO 900+ documentation
Premixes or sub-formulations
Laboratory additions and material substitutions
Standard losses
Yields and actual cost of batch production
Time – blenders and packers productivity and labour costs
Batch tracing of both raw materials and packaging with expiry dates

“Cloning” of formulations with “what if” facilities for new product development
Quality Control Test parameters on batch sheets
Automatic calculation of theoretical specific gravities

Full stock control with real-time updates
Material requirement planning – never run out of stock or be overstocked
Accurate costing of manufactured products according to user-selectable parameters
Stock take can be performed without any disruption of normal business
Accurate stock valuations for any past date
Stock audit-trails displayed in order of data entry or data date (selectable) (This has been used by several of our clients for forensic examination of stock records where dishonesty has been pinpointed)
Full batch traceability, selectable by item

Preferred suppliers are flagged for acceptance
Re-order reports showing stock on hand, materials committed to earlier production schedules, minimum and maximum stock levels, economic re-order levels, last cost, lead times and outstanding orders, as well as last supplier with phone number
ISO documentation required automatically included with purchase order. Receiving department knows which documents are needed

Sales Management & Marketing
Sales projections by product category or group
Contact tracking with special module
Reps worksheets in geographical areas so they don’t waste petrol
Analysis of sales by unlimited, user-selectable parameters
Automatic recalculation of selling prices with “future pricelist” generation that may be automatically implemented
Equipment or display stand asset control




























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