EXACT PLUS is easy to set up and run, and as your business grows EXACT PLUS will continue to cater for your requirements.

EXACT PLUS was developed to create a modern and easy to use accounting program for the entry-level accounting user as well as the professional accountant.

EXACT PLUS is clear and uncomplicated so that a basic set of books can be run without any accounting knowledge, but is also so powerful that the professional accountant will find every sophistication required.


Enter your information freely, in understandable and clearly defined formats.
Easy to read formats make your daily work a pleasure. See your business results displayed on easily understood screens, and practical, uncomplicated, and readable reports.

For the power-user, EXACT PLUS, is also equipped with more sophisticated requirements.
EXACT PLUS may include a host of powerful additions such as point-of-sale, chemical and garment manufacturing.
Multi-user capability can be added at any time.


  • Multi-Company - Run an unlimited number of companies on EXACT PLUS.
  • Multi-Period - Post to any period - this year or last year, at any time. There are checks and limitation that can be set so that reports that have already been printed are not invalidated by user mistakes.
  • Multi-Tax Rates - EXACT PLUS caters for multiple tax rates.
  Sales (Customers, Debtors)
  • Unlimited number of customer accounts - EXACT grows with your business
  • Run some customers in open-item mode for full reconciliation of all credits or payments against invoices, and run other customers balance forward for easy processing.
  • Exports - specify customers who don’t pay tax (e.g. export customers) and EXACT PLUS will ensure that no tax is charged to their invoices.
  • Discounts - Specify invoice discounts, settlement discounts, default prices per customer. This makes mistakes less likely during invoicing.
  • Notes - put notes into customer records, these can be printed out for credit control, etc.
  • No need for expensive special forms - Use any kind of paper, pre-printed, continuous, plain, single sheet for invoices, statement, remittance advice and reports.
  • Customised reports - use the designer to create or change the layout of forms and some reports. Include include color logos, graphics, etc.Your company can look really professional, no matter what size you are.
General Ledger
  • Full Reports - Trial Balance, income statement and balance sheet reports.
  • Month ends - No month-end procedure necessary — work in any period at any time.
  • Journals - entries are automatically balanced by the system.
  • Use general ledger main and sub accounts to analyse any account.
  • Full cashbook reporting, including bank reconciliations.
  • Banking forms - Print bank deposit slips, listing cheques and cash deposits plus any other information required by the bank.
  • Historical Reports - Print reports of entered data by date at any time.
Purchases (Suppliers, Creditors)
  • Unlimited number of suppliers - You can owe money to as many people as you like.
  • Notes - Attach notes to supplier accounts, use this to store any extra supplier information
  • More Notes - Attach public and private notes to supplier's transactions. Public notes can be printed on the remittance advice.
  • Run some customers in open-item mode for full reconciliation of all credits or payments against invoices, and run other customers balance forward for easy processing.
  • Remittance advices - can be printed and sent to suppliers.
  • Unlimited inventory items - with up to 16 character codes and a 50 character item name plus an additional 50 character description.
  • Look up by code, description or barcode.
  • Additional field for unique identifier, e.g. color.
  • Inventory items and service items - can be mixed.
  • Unlimited number of prices.
  • Block inventory items that are no longer in use.
  • Specify re-order levels and maximum levels. EXACT PLUS will print re-order reports with suggested order quantities, with cross reference to supplier.
  • Calculate selling prices based on cost prices plus markup or on any other price on the system (with limitations).
  • Use inventory groups to analyse your sales and inventory.
  • Define the number of decimals for quantities.
  • Analyse quantities sold, value of sales, and gross profit per item.
Customer Invoicing / Orders
  • Invoices - Print tax compliant invoices.
  • Use any kind of paper, pre-printed, continuous, plain, single sheet for invoices and print to any printer, dot-matrix, laser or inkjet.
  • Credit control messages warn if credit limits are exceeded. Block bad accounts.
  • Unlimited Discounts - Give discounts to any single line of invoicing (e.g. Special offers) or on the whole invoice.
  • Service Items - Invoice out non-stock items (e.g. services, delivery charges, handling fees, etc.) and mix them freely with stock items.
  • Analyse your sales - use the sales analysis codes to analyse your sales by sales rep, area, etc.
  • Unlimited History - Store all invoice history for as long as you require it, and reprint an invoice at any time.(Limited only by your equipment)
  • Commissions - Unlimited commission structures, that can be whole invoice or invoice line based, or even product-specific.
  • Exclude selected items from commission (e.g. delivery charges, handling fees)
Tax Handling
  • VAT requirements - EXACT PLUS caters for all VAT processing. A full tax report makes completing and submitting the tax form a simple process.
  • Simple, but effective. can use 600x800 VGA display mode.
  • Windows can be sized and relocated according to your requirements.
  • Take on customers, suppliers and stock items and any time, even while invoicing.

Your Data

  • The data is managed by the well-known FIREBIRD database server. Fast, reliable and probably the most easily installed and maintained SQL database server engine. Install and forget it.
  • Each user has their own account with password protection and module access control.

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