EXACT BURIALS is a fully-functional integrated package containing all the features of Technisoft's EXACT PLUS ACCOUNTING (Click HERE for details) accounting that has special facilities for burial societies and funeral services companies.
Specially developed over the past 5 years for this industry BURIALS can handle the needs of any society that needs to process large numbers of transactions in the shortest possible time and then be able to analyse the data and produce reports that are needed for determining the membership status of members and their dependants.

Special Features:

  • Automatically calculates and generates regular subscription fees for each member
  • Subscription classes may be set up for each type of member (for example, ordinary member (single person), family member (spouse and dependants), disabled, committee member (pays reduced or no fees because they voluntarily help with administration), etc.
  • Fees may be allocated to each class so that if there is a change in fees they only need be changed in one place within the system.
  • Reports may be generated to give a statistical analysis of the members by class or age.
  • There is a special report on age that, for example detects when dependants have reached 21 years of age when they are no longer eligible for dependant status. This may also be used for detecting birthdays, etc to be used for sending special messages.

    Optional Built-in Features:
  • The system may optionally be used to record scanned images of documents pertaining to the member. (birth, marriage, identity documents or death certificates.
  • There are facilities to generate bar codes for each member. These codes may be placed on membership cards for extremely rapid and accurate processing of members transactions. (For example we have one client who can process over 300 members paying subscriptions in cash at a three hour meeting).
  • A fast till slip printer may be used to produce receipts that are free-form (user designed) and may take the form of a mini statement so the member can see his exact status.