TECHNISOFT is a specialist business software company with many years experience in property administration.

Technisoft’s EXACT PROPERTY RENTAL ADMINISTRATION is designed for managing agents and owners of rented properties who would like to administer their own properties.
Our software is fully integrated with all business functions and gives our property rental clients advantages in the following areas.

Full reporting facilities with Fast-Report Writer so you can easily design your own reports
Many reports are exportable to spreadsheet for further analysis
We use the industry-leading Firebird Data Base engine and a single file contains all of the data making backup and restoration of data very simple, using our built-in facility
Easy updates of programmes and enhancements with our “Web-update wizard”
Easy remote maintenance and assistance using internet technology
Supports Microsoft or Open-source platforms

EXACT PROPERTY ADMINISTRATION AND RENTALS runs on the backbone of our EXACT PLUS accounting package which has been deliberately designed to be easy for a non-professional to use, but at the same time providing the powerful facilities that a professional accountant would need.
All accounting functions are catered for including general ledger, cash book, budgets, header accounts with sub accounts, etc.
More in formation on EXACT PLUS may be obtained HERE

Raises regular debits for rentals and keeps track of receipts so that a statement for the building owner is produced giving a balance brought forward and a list of tenants with details of how much money came in and an optional balance outstanding
The statement also shows all expenses on the building. These are raised by a facility to enter a supplier's invoice against a property, or by making a direct payment from the cash book and allocating this to a property. If settlement or other discounts are allowed on these expenses, they may be made to accrue to the property manager.
Commissions and fees of various types are handled. These may include a commission, a fee or a fee plus commission and can be set up as an auto debit.
VAT is handled correctly for all of these transactions and input VAT is allocated to the managing agent. If registered for VAT, totals of input and output VAT for the property owner are reflected on his statement.
The creditor system will not allow the expenditure of more money than is held in the trust funds.
The managing agent may use the system for his own accounts, either in the same or in a separate data file, without incurring any additional software expense.