TECHNISOFT is a specialist business software company with many years experience in  property administration.

Technisoft’s clientele for EXACT SECTIONAL TITLE  includes companies who administer properties on behalf of the bodies corporate as well as bodies corporate who run their own affairs. We can supply contact details for references if required.

Our software is fully integrated with all business functions and gives our sectional title clients advantages  in the following areas.

Full reporting facilities with Fast-Report Writer so you can easily design your own reports
Many reports are exportable to spreadsheet for further analysis
We use the industry-leading Firebird Data Base engine and a single file contains all of the data making backup and restoration of data very simple, using our built-in facility
Easy updates of programmes and enhancements with our “Web-update wizard”
Easy remote maintenance and assistance using internet technology
Supports Microsoft or Open-source platforms

EXACT SECTIONAL TITLE runs on the backbone of our EXACT PLUS accounting package which has features that include the following:
SECTIONAL TITLE has been deliberately designed to be easy for a non-professional to use, but at the same time providing the powerful facilities that a professional accountant would need.
All accounting functions are catered for including general ledger, cash book, budgets, header accounts with sub accounts, etc.
Receipts, Payments (With auto-allocator for open-item accounts)
Automatically reversible journals

User-selectable descriptions for account types
Chart of account information from other databases may be imported for easy set-up
Easy look-up system (throughout the programme)
The on-screen transaction display can also show contra accounts
Convenient closing systems
Detailed and summary VAT report
Trial balance has selectable consolidation of accounts
Final accounts exportable to spreadsheet

Debits are automatically raised for each unit in a building and the levies are calculated according to the participation quota (PQ).
These regular debits are linked to the debtor, whose record contains the PQ for the unit occupied.
Special levies may also be automatically raised  to create further regular debits that have expiry dates.
A facility exists to capture meter readings in the event that each unit has its own meters, however if there is only one meter for the whole building, the readings may be captured and then the total usage is distributed according to the PQs of the units.
Facilities may be tailored to suit current legislation. For example, at one stage there was a free allocation of the first 30 units of electricity. This was handled automatically.
Rates for electricity, water, etc are held in one place, so if these change, only one figure is altered in the system and all units will be automatically updated.
A statement is generated for each unit, detailing all transactions, the meter readings, etc.
There is provision on the statement for 3 different footer messages that may be specific to a property, specific to a unit, or may be generated at the time of sending out the statements. These can be used to announce special meetings, etc.

For further information ph. 023-626 6624 or visit http://www.technisoft-online.com