When you are using the <Locate> button in any module (Customers, Suppliers, Stock or General Ledger), by clicking in the grey area at the top of any column, you can search by that particular field.

Note how the word just to the right of “Lookup by:” changes as you do this, showing by which column you are searching.

The list will also sort by that argument.

In other words, for example, if you want to see the customers who owe money on 90 days grouped together, simply click the top of the 90 day column then browse down until you see figures appearing in this column.


Whilst using the <Locate> facility, by right clicking in the grey header of any column a menu will appear allowing you to go into <Design Mode>

You may then (by right clicking again, but on the column itself, not in the grey area above the column) hide or shuffle the columns around so that you can see the information in different ways.

You may then save the layout so that it always appears like that, either globally or as a feature of that module only.


This is a very useful if, for example, you want to see the aged balances and phone numbers of the customers, but don’t want to have to browse to the right of your screen, past the address details, rep, etc.

Someone else may need to see who the reps for the customers are and not want the entire aged analysis.


Hope you find this of use.

Please come back to me via e-mail at if you have any comments or suggestions.