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Minimum Requirements


As you can imagine, Technisoft has to deal with many, many different types of computer configurations and many different types of programmes that have an influence on the way a your system functions.
We cannot possibly be responsible for learning all the ins and outs of these systems, otherwise we would have no time for keeping our own programmes up to date with the latest technology.

For example, there are many different network configurations ….some customers use Server 2000+, other use Windows XP, others use Linux.
Some have simple peer to peer networks, some have a server, some have wireless networks.

There are also tens, if not hundreds, of firewall and Internet security programmes that interfere with the running of almost everything else.
We cannot learn all of these programmes.

Sometimes we come across customers where they have installed these things, have not learnt to use them themselves, have no manual on the programme, but expect us to be able to set it up so that it doesn’t interfere with their network, their Internet connection or our programmes.
None of this is anyone’s fault except the spammers, hackers, distributors of computer viruses and other IT criminals.
Unfortunately this is the world that we live in, so we have to try to surmount the problem together if we want to use computers to make our businesses more efficient.

Technisoft’s primary concern is to give our customers the best programme facilities at the lowest possible price.
This means that we have to concentrate on two areas: programming, and customer support for the programmes we supply.
In order to do this, we need our customers (i.e You) to supply the basic infrastructure necessary for our programmes to run and for us to be able to support you.

If you do not have a staff member who is qualified to set up these requirements, then you should seek the services of an outside person who understands hardware, networks, internet access and security systems.
This person will then be responsible for giving you support for all of your problems related to hardware or connections.
This person should be called when you have problems such as:

  • My computer won't start
  • My printer won't print
  • My computer won't connect to the network
  • My computer won't connect to the internet
  • My computer will not connect to Technisoft's remote support
  • My Skype doesn't work
  • My Word / Excel / Outlook (or any other non-Technisoft programme) doesn't work

Please Note: Virtually the only time you should call Technisoft is when you are logged into Exact / Alchemist or Paymaster and a problem arises: even then, if the matter is not stopping you from working (i.e. a very serious problem) you should send a Skype message or an e-mail, not phone.

The following outlines our minimum requirements for proper functioning of Technisoft programmes and for good support:

Operating System:
Windows XP (SP2), Windows Server or Linux

Internet Connection:
A Permanent ADSL connection with the following ports open:
Ports 5900 - 5999 and 5800 to 5899
These Ports may have to be opened in numerous places, e.g.
- Network router
- Installed anti-virus or firewall software
- Windows firewall
These Ports may also need to be forwarded on network routers

ip addresses:
You will also need to have a facility that resolves the dynamically assigned IP addresses to your computer.
Programs that facilitate this are available free of charge on the internet.
We recommend www.no-ip.com You should register a domain such as widgets.no-ip.info with them.
Once we know this domain address and the systems are set up we will be able to connect to your computer in order to provide remote support.
Programs and domain setup can be accessed on http://www.no-ip.com/
The NO-IP DUC utility should be installed as a service.

Ultra VNC
We need remote access capability, initiated from Technisoft’s side, to at least one computer, preferably the server, using UltraVNC.
We use UltraVNC only. We do not use other VNC software.
These programs and information are available free from http://www.uvnc.com/
The UltraVNC server should be installed as a service and the file transfer mechanism must be enabled.

Network Access
The Network permissions must be set in such a way that we have access to all the Technisoft-supplied programmes and the data files used by these programmes.

Access to Terminals
We need to be able to access all terminals on the network by means of a "single click" remote control programme that we will supply to each user.

The primary requirements for this to function are:
- ADSL connection that may be that may be permanent or established on demand by the terminal's user
- Open ports 5500 - 5599
Ports may also have to be opened in numerous places, e.g.
- Network router
- Installed Software firewall/virus checker
- Windows firewall
Ports may also need to be forwarded on network routers

We will supply the Single-click remote control programme.

Skype (plus speakers and microphone)
In order to facilitate remote demonstration and training you should have at least one computer (preferably the one with the biggest monitor) set up with Skype®

Skype® would mainly be used for training, short and quick trouble shooting and provides a quick way of leaving a message with us, or for us to leave a message with you.

- Skype® is free and easy to install.

With the above facilities in place, we can do most of the support and even most of the training remotely.
What cannot be done remotely is:
- Fix the connection
If the connection does not work because, for example, someone turns the Windows firewall on (or it turns itself on because Mr.Gates has decided it should be like that!), or decides to install a firewall that they don't understand, it will require attention by a technician.
(If this means that we have to come to your premises to sort it out, we will charge for it)
- Change system settings which require a reboot
This is because the connection gets lost if it is initiated by the customer. If the connection can be initiated from our side it may work, but re-booting remotely is still a precarious thing to do because the change may result in a boot configuration that does not allow reconnection.
-Solve problems on printouts (unless they are very trivial, in which case you, the customer, should be able to do it yourself anyway).
The reason for this is that we cannot see what is actually printed on the paper on your printer.

If your eyes have glazed over and you haven't a clue about anything above, then it is time to go to HERE to get a printer-friendly version of this document and hand it to someone who does understand and who will be tasked with setting everything up. (Probably that IT bof who is supposed to be sorting out your network but who is chatting up your receptionist right now.)

Any queries email me here.
Phil Curtis

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