January 2007 (01)
How to make us understand


I have mentioned before that it is better for you to communicate a problem to us by e-mail than it is to phone us.
This is because we have more time to properly consider your problem, and you are more likely to get our full attention.

The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" certainly applies in this instance, because it is often difficult to describe exactly what you were doing or what message appeared when a problem arises in a programme you are running.

The easiest way to let us know is to e-mail us a screen-shot from your computer, and this is how you do it:

1] When the problem arises hold down the <Shift> key and press the <Print Screen> key.
2] Open your e-mail editor (e.g Outlook or Outlook Express)
3] Start an e-mail to our help desk (help@technisoft-online.com)
4] Type a brief message and right click in the body of the e-mail you are sending.
5] Click [Paste] - a picture of your screen will appear in the body of your e-mail
6] Send the mail

Easy, huh?

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